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Access Services Manual: F4F

This guide is to maintain and store training materials and procedures for the Library Access Services.

Food for Fines

  • Please print a copy of the patron’s complete Sierra record and enter the amount of money was waived in a message note.
    • This is to be done in addition to logging the information in the binder. Give this information to Clauds.
  • BLACK BINDER:  Please make note of patron’s name, ID number, amount waived, and a brief description of items donated. Log this information into the binder.
  • Please see that the items are in good condition:
  • Items are not to be expired
    • Do not accept opened items nor damaged items (ex. dented cans)
    • Do not accept perishable items.
  •  Issue the patron a “thank you” (the brightly colored squares found at the front desk) receipt and stamp it with the appropriate date.
  •  Add a note to the patron’s record with the date and amount of fines waived.


  •  Maximum amount of fines waived is at the discretion of the supervisor.
  •  While the rule is one item of food-$1.00 waived, use your discretion with larger items (ex. one bag of rice=$3.00).
  •  Remember to waive the fines on Banner.
  • We do not waive fines for lost/damaged books
  • Do not waive fines for technology support.
  • Please direct any questions to either Joy or Clauds.

Adding Message to Patron Record

Search for the patron's account with ID card or name.

Click Edit to view patron's record and add note.

With the patron record open, you can click Insert to add a message.

Here's the recommended text to insert:

  • F4F fine waived $xx.xx MM/DD/YYYY Initials
  • F4F fine waived $3.00 4/8/2019 RAB

Thank You Receipts

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