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Discovery Services Procedures: Collection Development

"How to" documents for OCLC, Alma, and general Discovery Services Procedures.


All professional librarians are expected to participate in collection development.  Certain non-reference librarians with managerial responsibility may be given limited collection development responsibility or be excused from this task with approval of the Library Director.  The following evaluation criteria are based on a five-point scale. A rating  of (1) denotes unsatisfactory performance, (3) denotes satisfactory, expected performance, and (5) denotes satisfactory performance coupled with initiative and leadership. A rating of (2) or (4) denotes performance that still needs improvement before the next level is reached.

Tasks and Performance Expectations

Knows, evaluates, and maintains assigned collection. Note: evaluation forms and samples of weeding criteria are available on request. Interns or student assistants can be trained to assist with information gathering.

1.  Does not submit evaluation or usage report for any section of assigned area. Does not weed any materials.

3.  Draws up criteria for evaluation and/or weeding in the assigned discipline. Submits at least one report annually on a portion of the assigned area equal to approximately eight sections of shelving or 1,000 books (a serial counts as one title). Report includes evaluation of age, usage, strengths, and weaknesses. Submits orders or order plans to fill gaps or update section.

5.  Submits reports on more than one section.  Draws up excellent evaluation criteria and shares them with others. Assists others with the methodology of evaluation and weeding.


Communicates with departmental liaison.

1.  Communicates with departmental liaison less than once per month. Fails to communicate with liaison about trials of new databases, instruction opportunities, or new book announcements.

3.  Meets with department chair or attends a faculty meeting once a year if possible. Communicates with departmental liaison at least once per month. Informs liaison of account balances, new books available, trials of new databases, services available, and instruction opportunities. Keeps informed about new courses, degrees, or programs planned by the department.

5.  Visits department; knows department faculty; often provides special instruction to classes, students, and faculty in the department.


Uses GOBI to find and provide bibliographic information.

1.  Does not use Yankee Book Peddler's GOBI system to create lists of new books or reports of materials ordered or received.

3.  Uses GOBI at least once per month to create lists of new books sent as "slips" and sends the lists to faculty liaison. Reviews approval lists in GOBI as required. uses GOBI ot create reports as needed.

5.  Uses GOBI frequently to create lists and identify titles appropriate to fill gaps in the collection or replace lost or withdrawn titles. Frequently creates reports for various purposes. Explores new functions in GOBI and shares searching techniques with colleagues.


Monitors and spends allocated funds within deadlines; reports on collection development activity.

1.  Frequently call the Acquisitions Assistant to check on fund balances; does not meet order submission deadlines and guidelines; does not submit reports or copy the Collection Development Librarian on communications with faculty or on lists sent.

3.  Monitors fund balances on the Millennium system. Follows order submission guidelines. Submits quarterly report on spending for each assigned fund and collection development activities. (See report form) Meets order submission deadlines.

      a. Materials more than three years old and materials from countries other than the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and the Netherlands should be ordered by February 1.

      b. Films in any format should be ordered six weeks before the material is needed. Selectors should caution faculty that films needed "right away" are not likely to be received in time.

      c. After May 15, all order requests must be "in stock" in GOBI.

      d. Approximately 50% of funds should be expended or encumbered by February 1.

      e. Approximately 90% of funds should be expended or encumbered by May 1.

      f. 100% of funds should be expended or encumbered by June 1.

5.  Monitors allocated funds closely and reports on plans for expenditures; notes relationship between firm order and approval fund and anticipates needed over-expenditure or under-expenditure in either; expends or encumbers 95% of funds by May 15; adheres closely to guidelines and deadlines.


Monitors approval plan and long-term needs of collection.

1.  Is not aware of new programs in academic department assigned; does not review approval plan parameters annually.

3.  Discusses approval plan parameters with faculty liaison annually; reviews approval plan parameters with Yankee Book Peddler representative annually; adjust approval plan as needed to cover new areas of focus in the academic department assigned.

5.  Discusses approval plan with faculty involved in the development of new programs; recommends detailed adjustments to approval plan, including relevant Library of Congress Classification sections.


Attends collection development workshops.

1.  Does not attend collection development workshops or information sessions; does not request information from missed sessions; does not take online training as recommended.

3.  Attends in-house collection development workshops or information sessions as recommended. Takes online training from Yankee Book Peddler or other vendors as necessary.

5.  Attends all collection development workshops recommended; seeks out additional training in aspects of collection development and shares information with colleagues; offers training or assistance to colleagues on aspects of collection development.

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