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UTEP Library Student Handbook

This is the UTEP Library Student Handbook with all the guidelines that all UTEP Library student employees must follow. If you have questions, ask your immediate supervisor and/or UTEP LIbrary Administration.


(revised 4-16-19)

Effective July 1, 1998, all library student workers (both hourly and financial aid work study) will be required to use time clocks to document time worked.  The payroll period will be from the first of the month to the last day of the month.  This will eliminate the estimation of hours on the last days of the month.

Time clocks will be located in the following locations:

                                Special Collections                               6th floor

                                Collaborative Learning Center              2nd floor

                                Access Services                                   2nd floor

                                Acquisitions                                          1st floor

                                Media and Microforms                          1st floor

Due to deadlines, time-sheets are due in, at the Library Administration Office, on the first working day of the following month by 8:30 a.m.  Any late time-sheets will not be processed until the next payroll period.

The following rules will pertain to the use of the time sheets:

  1. Students will punch their own time-sheets only.
  2. Students punching in or out for other students will be terminated immediately.
  3. Be sure you use BLACK or BLUE ink only on your timesheets.
  4. Write your working schedule on daily in-out and total hours (not to exceed 16 hours per week)
  5. Total the hours at the end of each week (not to exceed 16 hours per week).  Total the hours for the month also.
  6. Be sure to sign your timesheet on the line marked “Student Signature” and add the date that you signed your timesheet (failure to do so will result in student not getting paid on time).

Student Time-Sheet Requirements (Financial Aid Office)

a.          Standard Time Sheet

Use the standard College Work-Study Program Daily Time Record ONLY.  Departments are not authorized to make any changes to the standard time sheet.

b.             Pay Period Hours

Insure that ONLY hours for the current month are included.

c.             Signatures

Time sheets without proper signatures (Department Head, Supervisor, and Student) will not be accepted for payment.

d.             Job Performance Certification

The student’s performance must be evaluated by the supervisor in the appropriate space.

e.             Holiday Work Hours Justification

If the student worked during a legal holiday, the supervisor must justify the hours worked in the appropriate section or the hours will be deleted.

f.             Schedule Conflicts

Departments must indicate the student’s regular work schedule in the appropriate section and must insure that it does not conflict with the student’s class schedule.

g.             Hours Per Week Limits

Departments must insure that students do not work more than 15 hours per week when school is in session (this includes the week of finals and the beginning of classes) and no more than 40 hours per week (if approved by the library) between sessions.  When two pay periods fall in the same week, the department must make sure that the student does not work more than the maximum allowed hours for that week.  For example, if the student works 4 hours during the last week of the current pay period, the maximum number of hours the student can show for the same week during the next pay period are 11.

h.             Minutes Must Be In Quarter Hours

Minutes worked must be shown in quarter hours only as indicated below.

                                15 minutes = 0.25

                                30 minutes = 0.50

                                45 minutes = 0.75

Any other fractions will not be accepted.

i.              Time Sheet Totals

It is the department’s responsibility to insure all totals are correct and accurate.  Student time sheets must match department payroll sheet totals.

j.              Department / Student Balances

Payrolls submitted exceeding the departments’ Work-Study Allocation balance and/or Student Allowed Earnings will not be accepted for payment.


                Students are paid on the fifth working day of each month by direct deposit.


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