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UTEP Library Student Handbook

This is the UTEP Library Student Handbook with all the guidelines that all UTEP Library student employees must follow. If you have questions, ask your immediate supervisor and/or UTEP LIbrary Administration.

Guidelines for Student Employees

(Revised 4-16-19)

Please read these guidelines carefully.  If you have any questions, see your supervisor.


1.  You are expected to arrive ON time to work and leave ON time.  It is your responsibility to  make sure you have enough time to make it to and from classes.  Take this into consideration when asked about your schedule for the following semester.

2. Your schedule will be worked out by you and your supervisor at the beginning of each semester.  If problems arise with your schedule, consult your supervisor.  Work periods must be a minimum of one and one-half hours.  If there are extenuating circumstances which make this impossible, an alternate schedule can be worked out with your supervisor. (See sample schedule sheet.)

 3.  You are never allowed to work during the hours you are scheduled to be in class.  Even if your class is canceled for the day, you may not work during those periods. (See work-study regulations.)

 4.  If you work for more than six hours at one time, you must take at least a 1/2 hour lunch break on your own time, and you are not allowed to work more than 8 hours per day.

5.  If you fail to show up for scheduled hours without any prior notice to your department, you   will lose those hours, unless you personally notify your supervisor of illness and problems as soon as possible.

6.  Unauthorized leave from your scheduled work time will be considered as absence and subject to an unsatisfactory evaluation on timesheet, an oral or written reprimand, or termination.

7.  Excessive absenteeism or late arrivals (for any reason) is grounds for dismissal.  Excessive is defined as more than three times.

8.  Time can only be made up during the week in which it was missed.  Arrangements are to be made through your supervisor.

9. Advanced work to complete your hours ahead of schedule will not be allowed without good reason.  Departure from the set schedule will be authorized only by your supervisor.

10. The pay period on the time-sheet is for the calendar month. 

11. At the end of each pay period, your time must be filled out completely and signed on the left hand side of the page.  If it is not properly completed and signed, you may not get your pay on time. (See work-study regulations and timesheets.)


 1.  A rest period of not more than fifteen minutes during the first half of a regular workday and not more than fifteen minutes during the second half of a regular work day is a privilege. Employees who are scheduled to work four hours or more, but less than a full day, will be afforded the privilege of one fifteen-minute rest period.  Ordinarily, rest periods are a privilege and not a right; they cannot be accumulated for use at a later date nor used to shorten the regular workday.  In all instances, the granting of rest periods is subject to the workload demands of the organizational unit and approval of the supervisor. 

 2.  Always check out with a staff member when going on break.  Also, check back in when you return.  Failure to notify a staff member or supervisor will be considered as unauthorized leave or absence and subject to reprimand.

 3.   Breaks should not be taken in the working area.


 1.  Student assistants may use the lounge area, provided they observe the following rules:

      a.   Use of the lounge is limited to the times when you are actually on duty (the staff lounge is for eating, not for doing class assignments)

      b.   Do not bring friends into the lounge.

      c.    Access to the lounge is with a ID card.


  1. Students must wear their IDs.


 1.  The department phone is a business phone and should not be used for personal calls unless absolutely necessaryPlease ask friends and family not to call you on work phones or cellular phones unless there is some necessityPlease adhere to the Library policy on the use

of cellular phones.

 2.   Personal calls should be kept short, preferably to less than three minutes.  If the use of the phone becomes excessive, you may be refused permission to place or receive calls at work.


1.  Students employed by the Library are not to use any of the work station computers for personal use (view e-mail, internet, etc..).

 2.   Students should check their personal e-mail accounts at the student labs and not on Library

       work station computers while on duty.


If your friends stop by, please explain to them that you are working and cannot stop for long conversations.  You can talk to them briefly, but if they wish to conduct a long conversation, they should arrange to get together with you on your break or after work.  Notify a supervisor if you cannot get rid of annoying persons.  When using the library during non-working hours, please respect those who are working by not engaging them in conversations or otherwise disrupting their work.


Students will be dressed and groomed in a manner that is clean and neat (appropriate to work area) and that will not be a health or safety hazard to themselves or others.


The Library follows the University of Texas System compliance guidelines.


It is important to recognize that, in order for the UTEP Library to work efficiently and effectively, a team effort is required.  Students are encouraged to work closely with their co-workers and supervisors in order to maintain a high quality of service for every user.


In order to perform effectively, one must maintain a positive mental attitude toward his job/duties assigned.  Showing eagerness and intense interest in your job will enhance your job performance.  The UTEP Library seeks qualities such as these in order to maintain a positive working environment; and in turn, patrons/users will benefit greatly.


Work-study students are encouraged and expected to perform to their fullest ability.  The UTEP Library is an advocate of students who promote themselves in their duties or seek tasks that need attention.


It is crucial for each individual to know and understand his or her job.  This is important in order to communicate, interpret, and clarify any questions or misgivings that patrons may have.

It is also important to understand what each patron is seeking in order to answer his or her questions.  If a student employee has exhausted every means of assisting the patron, and the patron is not satisfied, then the student employee should refer the patron to the correct supervisor/employee who can assist him.


The UTEP Library will maintain the highest standards of service to the patron/user.  As an employee of the Library, each student is a driving force and a key individual in its maintenance.  In order to continue our high quality of service, students should be honest and reliable in their jobs.  This means being punctual, effective and efficient in whatever duties are assigned.

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