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Communication Theory and Analysis: COMM 3371: MLA Citation

What is MLA?

MLA Logo

 The MLA Citation Style is often used for classes in the Humanities, such as English and History.

MLA Online Resources

MLA Checklist

Before you turn in your paper, ask yourself if:

You Followed MLA  style, 7th edition.
You double-spaced your entire paper.
You used Times New Roman (or Arial), 12 pt. font.
You indented your paragraphs.
You used one inch margins.      

You have your name, professor's name, course code and date at the top of your page.

You added a header with your last name and page number in upper right corner.

You have followed all requirements set by your professor, even if they contradict these guidelines.

Database Shortcuts

Many of the databases will generate citaitons for articles from the website toolbox.  However, remember you are responsible for verifying proper citation format. 

In EBSCO databases, look for this shortcut.  If using RefWorks, you can import directly into that citation tool. 

You Quote It, You Note It! - Citing Sources

Short, interactive video created by Vaughan Memorial Library at Acadia University on the importance of citing your sources.

MLA Formatting Help

MLA Examples

For many specific examples using the MLA format style click here.

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