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COMM 1611: Written and Oral Communication: Getting Started

Both online and print resources available through the University Library for COMM 1611.

Finding RefWorks

From the UTEP Library homepage, go to the Articles & Databases tab. Go to the letter R, for RefWorks.

Next, find the listing for RefWorks and follow the link.


Almost there! Click on the link.

Success! Now you are ready to sign up for a new account.

Creating an RefWorks Account

  1. Go to RefWorks through the UTEP Library Databases portal.
  2. Make sure your screen says Login using RefWorks Credentials "University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)".
  3. Click the Sign up for an Individual Account link.
  4. Complete the New User Information box.
  5. Use your UTEP Email account   Note: When creating your Login Name, please do not use the following characters: * Asterisk  < >[ ] Brackets = Equal sign + Plus sign  " Quotes \ / Slashes , . : ; Comma, Period, Colon, Semicolon

   6. Click Create Account.

You will receive an email confirmation that has been customized to suit your site's requirements.

After you click on create account, you'll be brought in to your new, empty RefWorks account where you can begin adding your references.

Creating Folders on RefWorks

It is important that you create folders in your RefWorks Account  in order to save and sort your references. The Last Imported folder contains only references from your most recent data import.  To create folders and sub-folders follow these steps:

  1.  Click on New Folder button
  2.  Give the folder a name; click Create.
  3.  To create a sub-folder click on New Folder
  4.  Click on the Create sub-folder link
  5.  Select a Parent folder for your sub-folder and enter a name in the New Folder Name text box.
  6.  Click the Create button to save your sub-folder.

Sharing References with Others

Share references with others when collaborating on projects or creating bibliographies. You can:

Share references and allow others Read-Only access

Share references or folders for collaborative access

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