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Collection Development Policies: Visual Materials Acquisitions

Collection development policies and Subject Librarians

UTEP Video Captioning Policies & Procedures

Guidelines for Ordering and Handling Visual Materials (Revised Policy 07/2014)

To Download the print copy of "Guidelines for the Ordering and Handling of Visual Materials for Classroom Use . . .  through the UTEP Library", click on the document below.  

Acquisition of Visual Materials for Classroom Use

Guidelines for the ordering and handling of visual materials for classroom use,
particularly documentary and feature films, through the UTEP Library




The Library subscribes to several streaming video databases. Librarians should encourage professors and other requesters to use materials available in streaming format. These materials are licensed for classroom use as well as personal use.


A minimum of six weeks lead time is required for ordering films on DVD or other media through the library. Twelve weeks is a better lead time. Professors should plan well ahead for films they will need.

3. Some films can be obtained in streaming format through suppliers or hosting services such as Swank and Kanopy. If they don’t have the requested titles already, the lead time for obtaining the films and rights is typically 6-12 months.
4. Selectors and professors should be aware that films purchased with streaming and/or public performance rights cost around $250 - $1500. Streaming rights alone may be very costly. This cost is charged against the firm order allocation of the requesting department.

Licensing conditions vary widely among providers. For details of rights on particular film titles, please consult the Media and Microforms staff or the Serials and Electronic Resources staff.

Phone: 915-747-5682, 915-747-6709, or


Federal law (the Americans With Disabilities Act [ADA]) and University policy require that all films shown in classes or assigned as required viewing should have captioning or be otherwise accessible to students with disabilities. In order of preference, the film should have (1) open captioning, (2) closed captioning, (3) a transcript, or (4) subtitles. Captioning must be turned on at all showings, regardless of stated needs of students. The Library will not purchase or license films without proper captioning or, if captioning is not available, an official transcript. If a transcript is not readily available from the Library’s usual sources, it is the requestor’s or professor’s responsibility to locate and provide the transcript.


The Library purchases films that are requested by professors for use in their classes, and that can be used multiple times by multiple professors or classes. We do not purchase films for campus organizations and we do not pay for licenses for one-time showings of movies even if they are class-related. Our task is to build the library collection.

8. The library does not stream videos from other formats such as VHS and DVD.
9. The library purchases feature films in DVD format, chiefly to provide access to standard and classic films and the work of outstanding directors, producers, and actors. These films are generally purchased without public performance rights, so they can be borrowed by individuals for home use or in face-to-face classroom teaching situations.
10. The goal of the Technical Services Department is to provide a note for each film, both in the bibliographic record and on a container label, that specifies the level of viewing rights. We recognize that this information is not always available.

Revised August 2014/ N. Hill

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