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RED 2430 -- Foundations of Literacy & Learning (Bach): MinerQuest

How to Find Books Using MinerQuest

harry potter record



Search tips

Use Advanced Search. This allows you to use several search terms at once: ‚Äč

You can search using keywords, subjects, or authors and the terms "lexile," "age range," or "grade level." You can also search using specific lexile, age, or grade levels. For instance:

  • 610L Lexile
  • Age Range : 9 to 13
  • Grade level: 4-8

How to read a Dewey Decimal Number

How to Read a Dewey Decimal Number

harry potter

The children collection books are marked as follows:


Easy books E followed by a cutter number
Biography B followed by a cutter number
Fiction F followed by a cutter number
Non-fiction Dewey decimal number followed by a cutter number

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