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Dr. Potter's Library Guide

This guide was created for Dr. Sara Potter's Spanish classes.

Background Information

If you do not know enough about your topic, you might want to get background information by utilizing encyclopedias, dictionaries and class textbooks which cover information in a comprehensive matter.

When searching for background information online go beyond Wikipedia; use authoritative encyclopedias and dictionaries that the UTEP Library subscribes to. One online databases that  provides valuable background information is:  Gale Virtual Reference Library.


Cómo formular una pregunta de investigación

ID search terms

ID your search terms

Indentifying your Search Terms

You can't just throw your thesis into a database-they cannot parse whole sentences properly.

If you want to know if family income affects children's school attendance in the southwestern United States, you need to break that up.


Look at your results, what terms are popping up?  You might not have phrased it like that, but maybe that is what it is called in the literature.

you searched for "parasitic worms" and you found the word helminth, which you can use to search with also


The Advanced Search

Use AND to narrow your search results

Use OR to expand your search

Exclude something from your results with NOT

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