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HIST 1301 - Juarez

This guide will provide resources from the Library for Dr. Juarez's HIST 1301 - History of the U.S. to 1865 (Thinking Historically & Creating Digitally).

The Advanced Search

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Find Articles

Not all articles are the same-- here are the different types you might find, and pros/cons of using each:

  • news articles: provide brief snippets of info; best for finding current info; watch out for the date to make sure it's not old, out-of-date info
  • magazine articles: provide more detailed info, but still digestible to the average reader; opinion, or viewpoints are often present in magazine articles
  • scholarly/academic articles: written by researches/professors/experts; double-checked by other experts for quality before publication; does not give basic info or definitions, gives high-level info that might mean you have to look things up while you're reading; they take a long time to publish, so not the best place for super up-to-date info

Step 1:


Step 2:

Find Books/E-Books

Why use books?

Books/e-books can the perfect source for authoritative, background information because they provide very detailed info about very big subjects.

Note: You can use print books from the UTEP Library (here's how); e-books are just as good as print books, but make sure you're connected to the Campus VPN before you try to open one, or you'll probably get blocked.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Find Info from Reliable/Credible Web Sites

No one else will make sure you find credible/reliable information online except you, so be picky about it!

At the bare minimum, make sure you can identify the following things on a web site:

  • the date it was posted/updated
  • who wrote it (bonus points if you can Google that person/organization to see if they're a credible source of info)
  • why the info on the site was written (is it opinion, persuasion, or just informative? Check he site's "about us" section)

Here are some more in-depth questions you can ask yourself to figure out whether you're looking at a high-quality web site:

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