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Open Education Resources @ UTEP

Learn what more about OER, and how to incorporate them into your teaching.

The UTEP Library Can Help Make Your Courses More Affordable

The UTEP Library can help you reduce the costs of the textbooks and other educational materials you use. Besides helping you discover and choose OER materials, we can also support course affordability by making library-licensed e-content available to your students.

Examples of how the Library can help:

  • Put a print copy of your chosen on reserve through the Library's Course Reserves
  • Choose a textbook or articles to which the Library already offers online access. Place portions of books and whole articles on online reserve, then link to them on your Blackboard site or include a link in your syllabus
  • Choose readings from books and textbooks to which the Library already offers online access. (Let us know if you're going to use an e-book for your class so we can make sure the e-book's user limit can accommodate all your students!) See examples below of resources that offer digital textbooks, already in use by UTEP faculty


Online Textbook Resources

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