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Open Education Resources @ UTEP

Learn what more about OER, and how to incorporate them into your teaching.

Adopt, Adapt, or Create OER for Your Course

There's no guarantee that you will find an exact OER match for your course. If you don't immediately find an open textbook that fits your needs, don't worry! A librarian can help you locate a different source or a mix of sources (of OER, library-licensed resources, or resources freely available or in the public domain) you can use to make your course affordable.

Even if a mix of materials cannot be found to suit your needs, you might consider creating your own OER.

Ask a librarian if you have more questions about:

  • Finding OER
  • Understanding usage licenses on existing OER
  • Authoring, licensing, and sharing new OER
  • Finding funding sources to support your OER activities
  • Using the Library's Course Reserves system
  • Finding Library-Licensed Resources for your course

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