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POLS 4318- Fall 2017- Schober


POLS 4318- research on el paso history

Archival Newspapers of El Paso

Newspaper Archive contains:

  • El Paso Daily Herald (1896-1901)
  • El Paso Handbill (1939-1939)
  • El Paso Herald (1928-1928)
  • El Paso Herald Post (1914-1977)
  • El Paso Herarld Post (1933-1933)
  • El Paso Prospector (1915-2014)
  • El Paso School Herald Post (1914-1963)
  • El Paso Times (1931-1957)
  • El Paso Weekly Herald (1898-1898)
  • El Paso Wharton Journal Spectator (1977-1977)

Things to remember when searching Newspaper Archive:

  • narrow by location
  • narrow by date (dates that encompass your topic)
  • search using words contemporary at the time when your topic occurred (not modern terms)

Oral Histories at UTEP

Tips for searching the Oral Histories:

  • enter strings of words or phrases in "quotations marks" to make sure they appear in that order in the transcript
    • for example: search "street cars" instead of street cars
  • when you open a transcript, use (Ctrl+F) (Command+F for Mac) to search through the text of the PDF document

search in the upper right corner of the screen after you click on the link to go to the oral history page

Databases for Scholarly Research Articles

Off-Campus Access

>>>If you're not on-campus, but need to use the UTEP Library's online resources,

you must verify that you are a UTEP affiliate.<<<

use library resources anywhere

2 Options:

1. Connect to UTEP's Server

  • sign in when prompted
  • you will be prompted to (log in) every time you access a UTEP subscription resource (i.e., databases)

2. Connect to GlobalProtect VPN


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