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UTEP Library Emergency Procedures

possible library emergency situations

Toxic Materials

A. Suspicion of Toxic Fumes:

1. If the presence of toxic fumes is suspected, clear the area of patrons and UTEP employees. Post a staff member at the 

    entrance to the affected area to keep out unauthorized personnel.

2. If between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., notify the Administration Office.

3. If after 5 p.m. or on weekends, call University Police (5611).

a. Describe the situation.

b. Give location: floor, room, or area.

c. Give your name.

d. Do not hang up until released by the person receiving the call.

e. Notify Access Services Desk (5672/5674) so that someone can direct University Police or Maintenance Personnel to the 

    proper area.

f. Then notify one of the four administrative staff persons listed in the Evacuation Plan as soon as possible.

B. Treatment:

1. If it is possible to safely enter the affected area, enter and remove anyone overcome by fumes to a safe area.

2. Qualified persons should render first aid as required. If severe, notify University Police (5611).



Any unit or department using special chemicals which tend to give off dangerous fumes should use them only according to directions supplied with the chemicals and only in a well-ventilated area. All persons using such chemicals should be well-trained in their use.

Such chemicals should always be stored in their original containers. Also:

1. Make sure containers are properly labeled.

2. Wear protective clothing when apporopriate.

3. Identify and acquire antidotes to the chemicals and keep them nearby.

4. Any chemical spill should be cleaned up promptly and thoroughly.

5. If you store toxic or potentially dangerous chemicals in your unit or department, let Library Administration know; inform

    them of the kind of chemical you are storing and its storage location. Library Administration will maintain a listing of all 

    hazardous materials and their locations within the library facilities.


(Revised 11/3/11)

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