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UTEP Library Emergency Procedures

possible library emergency situations

Mail / Parcel Handling Procedures

(from the Environmental, Health and Safety, Department)

A. Handle letters and packages with care. Try not to over handle the package.

B. Be attentive to the physical condition of the package and markings or lack thereof.

1. Restrictive markings, such as "Confidential" and/or "Personal".

2. Unknown/unfamiliar sender.

3. Addressed to outdated/improper address, improper title, person no longer with organization.

4. Bears no return address or return address not legitimate.

5. Postmark not matching return address.

6. Dusty or otherwise foreign substance.

7. Any other reason that you may suspect that the package is not normal.

C. If you suspect a letter/parcel after inspection.

1. Do not open.

2. If already handled, gently place in plastic bag, or otherwise, replace to position from where you picked it up.

3. Wash hands with soap and tap water.

4. Contact your supervisor for a second opinion.

5. Supervisor should visually assess the condition of the letter/parcel, do not handle parcel.

6. If still in doubt, contact the addressee and ask for their assessment. Is this something that they normally received or is it

    completely unknown to the recipient?

7. If parcel is still suspect contact Campus Police (5611).

D. If a parcel opens during your handling.

1. Be aware of any foreign substance (powder, liquid, aerosol) spilling out of the parcel.

2. If release is confirmed, isolate the immediate area. Everyone in the affected area should exit immediately. Do not leave 

    the scene.

3. Contact Campus Police at 5611.

4. If substance spilled onto person, locate an emergency shower immediately. Otherwise, remove clothing from affected area

    until a shower can be located.

E. Upon arrival Campus Police will.

1. Assess the condition and apparent risk level of parcel.

2. If Campus PD finds parcel to be of questionable origin and they concur with caller's assessment, they may contact

    E H & S for further assessment.

3. If warranted, Campus PD will contact the El Paso Fire Department.

(Revised 10/2/01)


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