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UTEP Library Emergency Procedures

possible library emergency situations

Flooding and Water Leaks


A.  If flooding occurs between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., call the Administration Office; they will notify Facilities Services.

      After 5 p.m. and on weekends, notify University Police (5611); University Police will notify Facilities Services.

     Then see "Evacuation Plan" for telephone numbers of persons to call.

B.  Stay out: Do not enter the flooded area until maintenance personnel have disconnected the electricity. THERE


C.  Post a staff member at the entrance to the flooded area to keep out unauthorized personnel. Or, if no staff is

      available, use rope, tables and chairs to seal off the flooded area.

D.  If damage to library materials has occurred:

1.  Do not permit anyone to open wet books, to separate single  sheets, or to remove covers when materials

     are water-soaked unless supervised by trained staff.

2.  Do not attempt to remove materials until an overall plan has been established and do not cover wet, damaged materials with plastic sheeting or other material.



A.  Report as in "Flooding" above.

B.  Move endangered materials out of the affected area.

C.  Cover the affected area with plastic and/or wastebaskets if appropriate.

D.  Plastic sheeting is available in Access Services or in Administration.


(Revised 11/22/2019)

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