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Layers of Rome: Presentation Checklist

Supports Dr. Ronald J. Weber's class on Rome, including a trip to Rome

Oral Presentation Checklist

Oral Presentation Checklist

Depending on the type of presentation you are giving, some of these may not apply or some may have a greater weight than others.


·         You have checked the equipment beforehand to make sure your material will work.
·         You are on time and ready to go.
·         You have rehearsed; for a team presentation, you have decided who will do what during the presentation

Title & thesis

·         Title describes the presentation accurately
·         Thesis statement is clear, logical, and included in the presentation


·         Brief outline or idea of structure is included
·         Structure is clear and logical: beginning, middle (arguments & examples), conclusion
·         Presentation follows the structure
·         Presenter engages the audience with some type of interaction


·         There is adequate information to support each argument
·         The information supports the overall thesis
·         The presenter has command of the information
·         The PowerPoint or other presentation tool is clear, attractive, appropriate


·         Sources are noted; bibliography in Chicago/Turabian style is included
·         Sources are reliable, scholarly, and appropriate
·         Presenter uses the sources effectively and can answer questions about them (he or she has actually read them!


·         Presenter has a professional appearance and attitude; dress is appropriate
·         Presenter speaks clearly and confidently, without verbal “noise” (uh … like … you know)
·         Presenter makes eye contact with the audience & doesn’t turn his or her back to the audience
·         Presenter is able to answer questions confidently

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