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COMM 1301: Public Speaking: VPN Remote Access

Remote Access

If you're not on-campus, but need to use the UTEP Library's electronic resources, you'll need to authenticate your identity.

Connect to UTEP's VPN- this will allow you to operate as if you were on-campus and on UTEP's hardwired network.

GlobalProtect VPN - This is a VPN that Mac users must use. PC users may also use this as it is a more secure VPN. The DUO mobile app must be downloaded.

Duo App - Before you download the DUO app, you will need to enroll in UTEP's Two-Factor Authentification. The link below will show you how to register. 

DUO - How to Register (PDF)

Mobile VPN

The "Secret" passcode is M1n3rs

iPhone and iPad users will need to download the DUO app from the App Store in order to authenticate the VPN.

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