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Country Risk Analysis: RATINGS/RANKINS

Sources of international business information such as social, economic, and population statistics, ratings/rankings, etc.


  • BMI Country Risk Reports, formerly BMI Forecast Reports, can be used to rank emerging markets in terms of political risk, the economy and the quality of the business environment. There are four ratings: a composite rating, a political rating, an economy rating and a business environment rating. Reports for different countries are found in the Nexis Uni database. You can find additional sources of information in Business Source Complete by using the kewords "country risk" and ("ratings" or "rankings").  

  • Foreign Investment Advisory Service - provides a compilation of indices and ratings of the different factors that comprise the business climate of various countries 

  • Index of Economic Freedom – countries graded by: trade policy, fiscal burden of government, government intervention in the economy, monetary policy, capital flows and foreign investment, banking and finance, wages and prices, property rights, regulation and the black market. 

  • Transperancy International (IT), Corruption Perceptions Index – Transperancy International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, international business organization formed to counter corruption both in international business transactions and at national levels. There are yearly rankings and an historical perspective for some 54 countries. Click on “Excel-Sheet” at the bottom of the page for the year selected to access information. . 

  • The Davos World Economic Forum - Click on "Global Competitiveness Reports" to access country rankings tables.  

  • The Fraser Institute - Click on the "Economic Freedom", then on "Economic Freedom of the World: 2008 Annual Report" to access economic freedom ratings of 123 nations. 

  • World Economic Forum: Knowledge Navigator - Includes "global competitiveness report" that measures the economic competitiveness of 80 countries.



•   BradyNet  – Includes info and data on emerging fixed income markets. Information on Brady Bonds, current Brady Bond closing prices, analysis and research, and more.

•   Country Risk Analysis (PNC Financial Services Group) 

•   COFACE - Click on the alphabetical Index at the bottom of the page, then click on "Country Risk". Includes ratings and risk assessment data for various countries

•   Political Risk Services (The PRS Group) - data and ratings for multiple countries 

•   Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) - information on economic development

•   The Heritage Foundation - Click on "Heritage Research" then click on a country or region to access reports covering political and economic issues of those countries.

•    The Davidson Data Center and Network (DDCN) (free with registration) - Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the William Davidson Institute (WDI). Provides access to socio-economic micro and madro data on transition and emerging market economies. 

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