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Sources of international business information such as social, economic, and population statistics, ratings/rankings, etc.


Business Source Complete (EBSCO)

Comprehensive bibliographic index for business literature worldwide, including management, marketing, management of information systems (MIS), production and operations management (POM), economics, finance, econometrics, accounting, international business, and other areas. Materials indexed include scholarly and peer-reviewed journals, books and book digests, newspapers, monographs, magazines, conference proceedings, case studies, reference works, industry reports, country economic reports, detailed company profiles and financial data, investment and market research reports, industry reports, SWOT analyses, and more. Most citations include abstracts and full text or link to full text content from other providers, based on institutional subscriptions. Coverage: 1886 - present (updated daily). NOTE: For an easier way to browse and search for country economic data, company profiles, industry information, and market research, try the Enhanced Business Searching Interface (BSI) (EBSCO)

EconLit (EBSCO)

Bibliographic index for international literature concerning economics published by the American Economic Association (AEA). Subject coverage is comprehensive, including categories such as: teaching; thought and methodology; mathematical and quantitative methods; microeconomics; macroeconomics; health, education, and welfare; labor and demographics; law; industry; business administration; development, change, and growth; agricultural and natural resources; and many more. Materials indexed include journal articles, books, collective volume articles, dissertations, book reviews, and abstracts of working papers in economics. Some citations include abstracts and links to full text, based on institutional subscriptions. Coverage: 1969 - present (monthly updates). NOTE: Access to this database is limited to one user at a time.

 Provides complete full-text access to an archive of back issues of selected scholarly journals from the following subscribed collections: Arts & Sciences (I - XIII), Life Sciences, and Ireland. Subject coverage includes: African and African American Studies, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art and art history, Asian Studies, biology, botany, British Studies, business, classical studies, economics, education, film studies, finance, folklore, geography, health sciences, history, Ireland, Jewish Studies, language and literature, Latin American Studies, law, linguistics, mathematics, Middle East Studies, music, paleontology, performing arts, philosophy, political science, psychology, public administration, religion, science, Slavic Studies, sociology, Women's Studies, statistics and zoology. Other types of publications indexed include monographs, pamphlets, images, and manuscripts. Archival coverage varies by title, ranging from a journal's first volume/issue to 3-5 years from the present ("Moving Wall"). Some titles include links to more recent content available via selected providers. Updates vary. NOTE: UTEP's subscription access now includes current content for selected titles via the Current Scholarship Program (CSP).

Nexis Uni

Provides access to full-text documents from a wide variety of news, business, legal, medical, and reference publications. Sources include: national, regional, and international newspapers; wire services; broadcast transcripts; non-English language sources; U.S. Federal and state case law; codes and regulations; legal news; law reviews; international legal information; Shepard's Citations for all U.S. Supreme Court cases back to 1789; business news journals; company financial information; and SEC filings and reports as well as industry and market news. Coverage and updates vary by title and document type. 

Wall Street Journal (1984 - Present) (ProQuest)

Bibliographic database that provides indexing, abstracts, and complete full text for articles from the Eastern edition of the Wall Street Journal. Primary subject coverage focuses on business and finance topics pertaining to companies, people, products, and geographic areas. Additional coverage is given to the arts, sports, and popular culture. Items indexed include top news stories, editorials, editorial cartoons, and letters to the editor. Coverage: 1984 - present (updated daily).



The following newspapers/magazines are useful in helping you remain abreast of current developments and are available online through our subscription databases:


Barron's (Chicopee, Mass.)  (1077-8039) 

       IN PRINT ONLY: Search the Classic Catalog for holdings and location information

Bloomberg Businessweek (0007-7135)

Alternate Title: Business week

      Current issues:

               from 12/30/1996 to present in Business Source Complete. Current issue(s) also in Bloomberg Businessweek website.

      Older issues:

               from 09/07/1929 to 12/25/2000 in Bloomberg Businessweek Archive 

Economist (London) (0013-0613)

      Current issues:     

              from 11/01/2003 to present in WestlawNext Campus Research

              ALSO IN PRINT: Search the Classic Catalog for holdings and location information

El Paso Times (Texas) (0746-3588)

      IN PRINT ONLY: Search the Classic Catalog for holdings and location information

Financial Times (London ed.)  (0307-1766) 

      Current issues:

              from 01/02/1982 to present in Nexis Uni   

Foreign Affairs (New York, N.Y.)  (0015-7120) 

      Current issues:

              from 1922 to present in HeinOnline Law Journal Library

              from 10/01/1964 to present in Business Source Complete

              from Winter 1981 to present in Nexi Uni

        Older issues:

               from 01/01/1922 to 11/30/1995 in PAO Collection

               from 09/15/1922 to 11/30/2016 in JSTOR

Fortune Magazine (0015-8259)

      Current Issues:

           from 01/13/1992 to present in Business Source Complete

National Public Radio

      Current issues:

            transcripts available from 01/01/1992 to present in Nexis Uni

New York Times  (0362-4331)

      Current issues: 

            from 06/01/1980 to present in Nexis Uni

            Also in Print:  Search the Classic Catalog for holdings and location information

      Older issues: 

            from 09/14/1857 to 12/31/2016 in ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times

            from 1857 to 1919 in

NBR Nightly Business Report

Alternate Title: Nightly Business Report    

      Current issues:

            from 01/01/1992 to present in Nexis Uni                          

            from 08/29/2003 to present in Newspaper Source

            from 02/17/2000 to present in Regional Business News

Public Broadcasting Service


Wall Street Journal. Eastern edition  (0099-9660) 

       Current issues:

             from 01/02/1984 to present in Wall Street Journal

       Older issues:

             IN PRINT:  Search the Classic Catalog for holdings and location information 



The Economist Intelligence Unit - country reports at

Euromoney -  available online from 01/01/2001 to present in Nexis Uni.  

Global Finance  -  available from 01/01/2000 to present in Business Source Complete.

International Finance -  available from 1998 to present in Wiley Online Library

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