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SOWK 5357: Social Welfare Policy I: Finding Sources @ Library

Find Newspaper, Magazine, and Scholarly Articles

Periodicals are publications that are published periodically like magazines, newspapers and journals. To find periodical articles you must search within a database that the library subscribes to, below is a list of databases that are recommended for your social policy assignments.  Remember, whenever you are conducting searches, start  with a broad basic search, then move to a more advanced search by using subject terms (tag terms) and connect your terms with AND, OR and NOT. If you have any problems finding articles for your policy project, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or any librarian at the reference desk.


To find specific articles listed in reference list or citations you come across follow the steps: 

  1. Go to the E-journal tab
  2. Type the publication title (journal where article was published in). 
  3. Click on  the appropriate database that carries the year you need.
  4. Navigate within the database to find your article.

Below are three e-journals from which your professor cites articles.

Check out the tutorial on finding specific articles!

Streaming Videos

The UTEP Library subscribes to several streaming video databases:

FODFilms on Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform produced by the Films Media Group (FMG). It contains thousands of educational videos from reconized producing companies such as TED, American Experience, NBC, PBC, BBC and many more.

 Alexander Street Press contains numerous streaming videos from a variety of collections such as the American History in Video, Counseling & Therapy in Video and others.


Scholarly books contain authoritative information and comprehensive coverage on a subject. Use a books when you want to add depth to a research topic or put your topic in context with other important issues. To find books in the UTEP Library: 

  1. Search for books at the UTEP Library
  2. See if book is available
  3. Get call number & location (floor)
  4. Go to correct location and find book
  5. Look for other books around (books are arranged by subject)

Below are some books required and  suggested by your professor.


Reference resources  such as encyclopedias are excellent sources for background information for  they:

  • Provide overview of  topics
  • Provide topic ideas or ideas on narrowing your topic
  • Brainstorm keywords for searching and learn terminology used to describe the issue

Reference works are a great as a starting off point, but should not be cited in your research as they are not considered primary or secondary sources.

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