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Psychology 3348: Cognitive Psychology: APS Wikipedia Initiative

Use this guide to help you complete assignments for Dr. Ashley Bangert's course.

Dr. Bangert's Research Tips

APA Style: For your paper you need to include a title page, bibliography, and appropriate in-text citations. An example of how citations might appear in your paper is as follows:


One study discovered that individuals with very mild dementia perform worse than healthy older adults on temporal reproduction (Bangert, 2009).


Or if you have more than one author . . .

(Dixon & Bangert, 2005)


Or, if you include the author names in the text of your paper, the citation would work as follows:

Dixon and Bangert (2005) discovered that . . .


Other useful tips:

1)    Use the bibliographies of sources you locate to find other relevant articles for your paper.

2)    Once you’ve identified a scholar doing research in your topic area, it is often useful to look at other works published by that person to get a better sense of what their position is regarding the topic. What research does this author criticize? What can his or her position reveal about important controversies/questions in the field?




APS Wikipedia Initiative - Start Here

Association for Psychological Science Wikipedia Initiative Home Page


Wikipedia Initiative Portal - Log In Here


Wikipedia Training For Students - Orientation consisting of 4 modules


Wiki markup cheatsheet - Use this for formatting information with wiki markup


Wikipedia Cheatsheet

Creating an APS Wikipedia Initiave Project

Open this document to find step-by-step instructions on creating your APS Wikipedia Initiative username and password. Once you finish, you may begin navigating through the portal and get started!

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