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ENGL 5315:Professional Writing Seminar : Communication Skills

Communication Tips

Speaking About Presenting
Speaker Olivia Mitchell shares tips on making effective presentations, creating PowerPoint slides, overcoming the fear of public speaking, managing your audience and more.
Knockout Presentations
Author, speaking strategist, and professional speaker Diane DiResta shares tips and tricks for delivering effective presentations.
Presentation Advisors
This blog features advice and tips from Presentation Advisors, a presentation design and training firm.
Tips for designing Posters for presentation using PowerPoint 
Annotated list of sites and resources for designing your Poster Presentation using PowerPoint slides or templates. (From G. Natal)
Pimp your PowerPoint by Bob Grant
Article on how to use PowerPoint effectively.

PowerPoint Presentations: A Speaker's Guide by Geoffery Hart
Presents tips on how to make the presentation legible for the audience.

From Uncredible to Incredible: Tips for Speakers by Shelly Fitzey and Maureen V, McIntyre
Provides tips for speakers to convey personal credibility in technical communication.

Insight Media Streaming Videos

Insight Media Digital: Education for the 21st Century (Video-on-Demand) provides access to the complete digital streaming video collection of Insight Media on the IRIS Education platform. Subject coverage includes communication, education and more.

You can also see additional videos from Insight Media by going to the insightmediadigital YouTube Channel.  

Films on Demand

FODFilms on Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform produced by the Films Media Group (FMG). It contains thousands of educational videos from reconized producing companies such as TED, American Experience, NBC, PBS, BBC and many more.

Communication Skills Journals

Books @ the Library

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