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ENGL 5315:Professional Writing Seminar : Rhetorical Approach


 "The faculty of discovering in any particular case all of the available means of persuasion."


Helpful Resources

Understanding Misunderstandings: How to do a Rhetorical Analysis - A helpful guide to rhetorical analysis  presented by Professor Trish Roberts-Miller at the University of Texas.

Treating professional writing as social praxis - Article that discusses how classical rethoric can be applicable to professional writing by Thomas P. Miller

Learning Oral Presentation Skills - A qualitatively study on how students learn oral presentation skills using rhetorical principles.


Visual Rhetoric Video from Purdue Owl

Films on Demand

FODFilms on Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform produced by the Films Media Group (FMG). It contains thousands of educational videos from reconized producing companies such as TED, American Experience, NBC, PBC, BBC and many more.

The following streaming video is part of the series Great Speeches Series

Rhetoric and Communication Journals

Books @ the Library

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