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University 1301- Rogers : University 1301 - Rogers


Assignment consists of an analysis of a company by a group of students. 


COMPANY PROFILES (retrieve report via the "More" menu in the blue bar located at the top of the main search page)

            Company Overview

            Company View

                 Significant happenings in the company

            Business Description


             Key Employees

             Mayor Products and Services

             Revenue Analysis (helps determine financial health of company)

             SWOT Analysis

             Top Competitor

             Markets / Global Presence (manufacturing and sales) 

            Search for specific company in "Company Entity" and combine with search of specific topic of interest such as "swot", "brand image",  "turnover", "markets", "global presence",  centralized", decentralized", or "outsourcing", etc. A look of the "Market Research Reports" may also help answer some questions.


Company Details

                Primary Industry


                     How long has the company been in business?

                     What has happened over the years?




                     Who are the Board of Directors and Corporate Officers for the company?


Competitors   (who is number one in the industry in terms of revenues, etc.)

Company Financials

               Health - what is their profit trend?

               Key Accounting and Financial Measures/Indicators  -- ex. Ratios

Equity Reports

              What was your company's highest stock price for the past year?

               What was its lowest for the year?               

Annual Reports to Shareholders (use the "Find" option for specific words to search long reports)

                Corporate Vision/Mission (also at or )

                Size of workforce (full and part-time)


                Global presence/Brand

                Social Responsibility / Ethical Perspective (also at

                Marketing Campaigns / Advertisements

   EDGAR  (10-K for U.S. companies and 20-F for Foreign companies) (use the "Find" option for specific words to search long report)

                Social Responsibility

                Turnover (if EDGAR doesn't give information, search for articles in Business Source Complete; HR Magazine may have articles; Also go to for industry information if everything else fails)

                Marketing Campaigns / Advertisements   

                Structure (centralized, decentralized, subsidiaries, etc.) Outsourcing - "Management Discussion" section discusses potential threats to operations because of currency fluctuations or reliance on 3rd parties/cost saving measures taken by the company.

                Salaries - Proxy Statements Filing DEF 14A provides salaries for top 5 executives 


Company Culture (ex. Dell - corporate responsibility)

                Employee Demographics/Workplace diversity (ex. Dell - Careers)


                Employee Benefits

                Ethical, Cultural, and Political Assessment

Contact the company via e-mail if other sources not provide information.

500 W. University Avenue : El Paso, TX, 79968-0582 : (915) 747-5672
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