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The U.S. War with Mexico: Home

History seminar; Brad J. Cartwright, Ph.D.

Mexican troops on the move

Mexican Troops on the Move.

Courtesy the University of Texas at Arlington Library, Special Collections.

The War between the U.S. and Mexico



 Primary source materials for the history of the war between the United States and Mexico

Personal narratives:

The UTEP Library has many first-person accounts of those who were involved in the Mexican War, both from the U.S. side and the Mexican side.  A number of resources are also now online, either as e-books or as digitized archival resources.  Look for keywords like journals, letters, papers, correspondence, or diaries. The subject heading used in the library catalog is Mexican War, 1846-1848—personal narratives or Mexican War, 1846-1848—Sources. 

 Government documents:

Reports and published speeches by officials about the war are available as printed items, online resources, or on microfilm.  To find contemporary accounts in the online catalog, do a keyword search and sort by date. Subject headings include Mexican War, 1846-1848—Speeches in Congress, Mexican War, 1846-1848—Sources, and United States, Army—Records and Correspondence.  

Documents from the Senate and House of Representatives are available online and full-text at ProQuest Congressional Publications (U.S. Serial Set and Serial Set Maps) (ProQuest)

Newspapers and gazettes:

El Periódico Oficial de Chihuahua, Chihuahua.  Microfilm copies of the newspaper that went through several name changes.  MF472.   Print guide and some hard copies available in Special Collections.

Periódico Oficial de Durango, Durango, Mexico.(Microfilm)  MF493.

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers (Gale) Find under library databases. Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers

Early American Newspapers. (Readex) Find under library databases.  America's Historical Newspapers

Palmer’s Full Text Online (Proquest)  The Times of London. Find under library databases. Historical Newspapers

Chronicling America:  Historic American Newspapers online.

Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808 - 1980 (Readex) Hispanic American Newspapers

Latin American Newspapers, Series 1, 1805-1922 (Newsbank/Readex) Latin American Newspapers


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