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RWS 5311 - Dura (Persuasion and Argument): Selecting a Topic

Selecting a Topic

Ideas for Argumentative/Persuasive topics are everywhere!  You can find them in the news, online and of course in the library.

The number one rule when it comes to selecting a topic is to pick something you are interested in, as you will be spending a vast amount of time researching it.

Concept Mapping

Concept maps can be drawn on paper, whiteboards, or made on a computer. Creating a concept  map will help you visualize all the different angles and nuances that make up a larger topic.

Some online concept map tools:

Preliminary Research

Do some preliminary research on your topic either by using Google or a reference resource such as Gale Virtual Reference. This will allow you to explore how much has been written about your topic.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Database)

Ideal library search for sources providing views on opposing sides for controversial issues.

From the Library Home page, click on the Articles & Databases tab.

Letter O takes you to a list of databases starting with O.  Locate Opposing Viewpoints in Context and click on the title.

You are now in the database!

Example topic page in Opposing Viewpoints.

Get a reference for a source in Opposing Viewpoints.


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