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Angela Lucero

The Research Process

This guide has been developed for students in ESOL 1312: Research & Critical Writing to help them through the general research process. Most often you will complete one step before moving onto the next. However, there may be times when you will need to return to a previous step or complete multiple steps simultaneously. 

Step 1. Choose a Topic
Picking a Topic |  Finding Background Info |  Develop a  Research Question/Statement | Generate key terms to find information

Step 2. Finding Information
 Find Books |  Find Articles  

Step 3. Evaluate Sources
Key Elements of Evaluating Sources | Evaluating Websources | Scholarly vs. Popular vs. Trade

Step 4. Cite your Sources

APA Style |  Citation Help

Remote Access

If you're not on-campus, but need to use the UTEP Library's electronic resources, you'll need to authenticate your identity.

You have these options:

1. Establish a Library PIN- note that this method will require you to authenticate every time you access a protected resource (i.e., databases).

See tutorial How to Create or Recover a Library Pin

2. Connect to UTEP's VPN- this will allow you to operate as if you were on-campus and on UTEP's hardwired network.

See tutorial UTEP VPN for Windows  or  UTEP VPN for Macs

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