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UTEP History: UTEP Architecture

Resources for the history of the University of Texas at El Paso formerly known as Texas Western College, Texas State School of Mines and College of Mines, and University of Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy.


*Photo from Tourism Council of Bhutan website

Bhutan at a Glance

-Located about 10,000 miles from El Paso

-Bordered by China to the north and India to the south

-Spans 18, 147 square miles

-Population is an estimated 708,000

-Diet staples are rice, buckwheat and corn

-Men war a gho, a knee-length robe tied at the waist; women wear kira, an ankle-length dress with traditional patterns

-Masked dances depict heroes, demons, animals and gods

-Five generations of the Wangchuck family have ruled the country since 1907

-State religion is Buddhism

Bhutan Flags

*photo by J.R. Hernandez

Opera Bhutan

Starts on page 38

Bhutan vs. UTEP

 *Photo from Tourism Council of Bhutan website

Books on Bhutan Architecture

Videos on Bhutan

Books on Bhutan

Materials from ScholarWorks

Where Am I?



No matter how long I have been here, I seem to find something new and wonderful about UTEP, when I walk around the campus.


Emblem: a circle that projects a double diamond thunderbolt placed above the lotus. There is a jewel on all sides with two dragons on vertical sides. The thunderbolts represent the harmony between secular and religious power while the lotus symbolizes purity. The jewel signifies the sovereign power while the dragons (male and female) stands for the name of the country Druk yul or the Land of the Dragon.

Flag:  is divided into two parts diagonally. The upper yellow half signifies the secular power and authority of the king while the lower saffron-orange symbolizes the practice of religion and power of Buddhism, manifested in the tradition of Drukpa Kagyu. The dragon signifies the name and the purity of the country while the jewels in its claws stand for the wealth and perfection of the country.

Flower:  Blue Poppy

Bird:  The Raven

Animal:  The Takin


Sport:  Dha, or archery


*Photos from Tourism Council of Bhutan website

Mining Minds

"Mining Minds" is an iconic piece of public art installed in 2010 to enhance the University of Texas at El Paso campus. At night, the lights illuminate the steel structure, while LEDs emante from the perforated ones and zeros at each end of the pick.

500 W. University Avenue : El Paso, TX, 79968-0582 : (915) 747-5672
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