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Political Science

A guide to some of the most useful resources available for the study of Political Science.

>>How do I search for a book in the library?<<

Use the Library's Catalog to find things it owns and has access to like:

  • Books
  • Government Documents
  • Titles of Journals
  • Titles of Periodicals
  • Visual Media (streaming videos, dvds, etc.)

note that the entry floor of the library is actually the second floor. the next floor up is the third floor. the elevator or stairs are needed to access the first floor.

>>How do I borrow a book from the library?<<

  • To check something out (borrow) from the Library, take it to the Access Services Desk, just past the scanners at the entrance
  • Make sure you bring your Miner Gold Card (your ID card)

>>You can browse if you want to<<

Political Science books in the general collection (i.e., the Main Stacks) are located on the 4th floor; use these call number ranges when you're browsing areas in the stacks:

  • J: General Legislative and Executive Papers
  • JA: Political Science (General)
  • JC: Political Theory
  • JF: Political Institutions and Public Administration
  • JJ: Political Institutions and Public Administration- North America
  • JK: United States
  • JL: Political Institutions and Public Administration- Canada, Latin America, etc.
  • JN: Political Institutions and Public Administration- Europe
  • JQ: Political Institutions and Public Administration- Asia, Africa, Australia
  • JS: Local Government, Municipal Government
  • JV: Colonies and Colonization
  • JZ: International Relations

Helpful Video Tutorials

Click on the following links to view a short tutorial on each topic. For flash-free mobile and Apple devices click on

Encore  (2:18)  

Starting Your Research  (1:42)   

Compiling Your Sources: Books  (3:07)   

Compiling your Sources: E-Books  (2:03)  

Compiling your Sources: Government Documents  (2:28)  

The Library of Congress Classification System   (3:28)  

SuDoc Call Numbers  (4:22)  

The Dewey Decimal Classification System  (5:09)  

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