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Public Health: Drugs & Alternative Medicine

Resources for students in the area of public health.

Drug & Alternative Medicine Websites


Resource for information about clinical trials. The link above goes to the databases focused on FDA-approval of medications in the US. Information includes the drug name, approval status, what the drug is used for, and clinical trial information.

Excellent source for information about prescription drugs, over-the-counter, and natural medicines. Much of the information is available for free and is peer-reviewed so the user does not have to be as concerned with false information.



Drug Information Resource

From HealthLinks at Washington University, this site helps the user find information about drugs by starting with a question (i.e. adverse effects, clinical drugs, cost, pharmacology), then provides links to the first and second choices to look for the answer to the questions.



FDA Orange Book

From the US Food and Drug Administration, a book which covers their approved medications and what they are used for. The book can be downloaded into a .pdf file and was last updated in February 2010.



MedlinePlus: Drugs, Supplements and Herbal Information

Browsable index for information about drugs, supplements and herbal information.



National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Part of the National Institute of Health, this organization provides information about alternative types of medication including research, clinical trials, health topics, and news and events.




Physicians’ Desk Reference Site which covers the areas of drugs and supplements, diseases and conditions, clinical trials, and surgery. There is a tab for interactive tools which describes treatment options for various diseases.




Wealth of information available on this site including ways to learn more about medications through listing of their names and pill identification. Other topics include supplemental information (e.g. herbs, vitamins), diseases and conditions (images, explanations and treatments) and a dictionary.

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