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APA Style Citation

Guide to help students using the APA Style Manual

One Author

One Author [6.25]

  • Author's surname, then initials of first name



Capps, D. (2008). Mother, melancholia, and dreams in Erik H. Erikson's insight and responsiblity.

      Journal of Religion and Health, 47, 103-117.


Conners, M.E. (2010). Symptom-focused psychodynamic psychotherapy. Journal of Psychotherapy

      Integration, 20, 37-45.

Two Authors

Two Authors [6.25]

  • Author names separted by comma and ampersand [&]



Berry, J.W., & Sabatier, C. (2010). Acculturation, discrimination, and adaptation among second

      generation immigrant youth in Montreal and Paris. International Journal of Intercultural

      Relations, 34, 191-207.


Mason, C.P., & Duba, J.D. (2009). Using reality therapy in schools: Its potential impact on the

      effectiveness of the ASCA national model. International Journal of Reality Therapy, 29(1), 5-12.

Three to Seven Authors

Three to Seven Authors [6.25]

  • Include each author's name and follow the rules of two authors



Adam, E.K., Doane, L.D., Zinbarg, R.E., Mineka, S., Craske, M.G., & Griffith, J.W. (2010).

      Prospective prediction of major depressive disorder from cortisol awakening responses

      in adolescence. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 35, 921-931.


Francis, L.E., Berger, C.S., Giardini, M., Steinman, C., & Kim, K. (2009). Pregnant and poor in the

suburbs: The experiences of economically disadvantaged women of color with prenatal

services in a wealthy suburban county. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 36(3), 133-157.


Seven+ Authors

Seven or More Authors [6.25, 7.01]

  • Include first six author's names, place ellipse [...], then last author's name



Jovanovic, T., Norrholm, S.D., Blanding, N.Q., Phifer, J.E., Weiss, T., Davis, M., . . . Ressler, K.

      (2010). Fear potentiation is associated with hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis function in


      PTSD. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 35, 846-857.




Quarantini, L.C., Miranda-Scippa, Â., Nery-Fernandes, F., Andrade-Nascimento, M.,


      Galvão-de-Almeida, A., Guimarães, J.L., . . . Koenen, K.C. (2010). The impact of comorbid


      posttraumatic stress disorder on bipolar disorder patients. Journal of Affective Disorders,


      123, 71-76.

Organization as Author

Organization as Author [6.25]

  • Write out full name of the organization



American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological

      Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


American Psychological Association Office of Rural Health. (1995). Caring for the rural community:

      An interdisciplinary curriculum. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Same Author Different Years

Same Author Different Years [6.25]

  • Put the earliest entry first



Lusk, M.W. (1984). Aging, development and social welfare strategies. International

Social Work Journal, 27(4), 10-25.


Lusk, M.W. (1989). Street children programs in Latin America. Journal of Sociology

and Social Welfare, 16(1), 55-77.

Same Author in Same Year

Same Author in Same Year [6.25]

  • Add to the list alphabetically by the title of the source (i.e. article, book)
  • Add a letter suffix to the year of publication



Hafford-Letchfield, T. (2010a). A glimpse of the truth: Evaluating 'debate' and 'role play' as

      pedagogical tools for learning about sexuality issues on a law and ethics module.

      Social Work Education, 29, 244-258.


Hafford-Letchfield, T. (2010b). The age of opportunity? Revisiting assumptions about the

      life-long learning opportunities of older people using social care services. British Journal

      of Social Work, 40, 469-512.


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