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Music Collection Development Policy: Current Collecting Intensity


  1. The UTEP Library collects books, journals, and other materials to support bachelor's and master's degree programs in music performance, music education, music theory and composition, and commercial music.  
  2. The collection contains primarily English language works, with important or topical works in modern European languages.  
  3. The Library does not collect sheet music and scores to support performance, since that it the role of the Music Dept. Library.  We do collect complete scholarly editions of the works of major composers such and Bach, Mozart, Handel,
  4. The Library has a small collection of works on Latin American folk literature.


  1. Most books received through firm orders are current imprints.
  2. If the Library has incomplete sets of literary or critical works, we make an effort to complete the sets, regardless of date.
  3. Significant works not held by the Library may be ordered regardless of imprint date, subject to availability.
  4. Damaged or lost books may be replaced by newer editions, if available, or by electronic books, if available.
  5. Requests for new books should be submitted to the liaison from the English Dept.


  1. The UTEP Library subscribes to most of the major literary and critical journals, mostly through online vendors.
  2. The MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the Modern Languages and Literature is available online through the Library website.
  3. Requests for new journals or databases should be submitted to the departmental liaison or the Library liaison for English.  Such requests go through an approval process prior to purchase.

Non-Book Materials

  1. In the Media and Microforms section, the Library holds some uncataloged microfilm collections on Charles Dickens, John Keats, Robert Burns, and the Wright American fiction collection.
  2. The Shakespeare Society publications are available on microcard.
  3. Videos and DVDs are available in the Media and Microforms section. Orders for visual materials may be submitted to the departmental liaison.

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