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Chicago Citation Style

Basic information and examples for creating footnotes and a bibliography in Chicago style.

Elements of a Journal Citation

In most databases, you will find all the elements of the citation, but not necessarily in the correct Chicago order or format. You will also find some information you don't need, such as the presence of illustrations or the number of pages in the article. Note the information you need and create a citation following this example.

Geraghty, Lincoln. "Creating and Comparing Myth in Twentieth-Century

        Science Fiction: Star Trek and Star Wars." Literature Film Quarterly

        33, no. 3 (July 2005): 191-200. (accessed Nov. 4, 2009)


  • Use a hanging indent for the bibliography.
  • Author with last name first. If there are multiple authors, invert only the first one.
    • Geraghty, Lincoln, and George Brown.
  • Title of the specific article, including sub-title, in quotation marks.
    • Capitalize all major words.
  • Title of the journal itself in italics.
    • Capitalize all major words.
    • Do not end with a period.
  • Volume and issue of the journal.
    • Do not put the word "vol.", only the number. Do put the word "no."
  • Date of the particular issue of the journal. Use three-letter abbreviations (Jan., Feb., etc.) except for June and July. Various forms are possible: use what is given.
    • (Jan. 2008):
    • (Spring 2007):
    • (7/12/2006):
  • Pages of the article. Do not put "p."
  • URL and date accessed. Always include the URL (copy and paste it from the online document) and note the date you viewed it. Why? Because things can change from day to day on the Internet!


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