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Chicago Citation Style

Basic information and examples for creating footnotes and a bibliography in Chicago style.

Notes on Bibliography

(Discovering)Usually enter a film under title.

(Fitzgerald) Article from an online encyclopedia. Be sure to include database, date accessed, URL.

(Guion) Entry for a book.

(A History of Music: Essays.)  Disregard A, An, and The at the beginning of an entry when alphabetizing; file under the first significant word.

(Matthew-Walker) An article in an online journal. Include the URL and the date you accessed it.

(National) Example of a corporate author.

(Phillips) Two authors: invert only the first one. Note punctuation between authors.

(Smith) An essay in a book. Note that the page numbers of the essay are given after the title of the whole book.

(Tardieu) Journal article with multiple authors.




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