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Information Literacy

Librarians have been involved in teaching the effective use of information resources for over a century. Information literacy now exists alongside other important literacies in today's society, such as media literacy, computer literacy and visual literacy.


Better Together 

(Librarians AND Information Literacy) + (Faculty AND Students)

To be successfully implemented on campus, information literacy depends on collaboration between classroom faculty, academic administrators, librarians and other information professionals. In order to effectively implement a program all parties must be actively involved.

Leadership of Administrators
Information literacy programs require the leadership and support of academic administrators. Such leadership is not limited to budgetary support. It also includes helping create a supportive atmosphere and practical opportunities for cooperation among librarians, classroom faculty and information technologists. Effective leadership should promote a vision of liberal education as an empowering and transforming endeavor that develops students as skilled independent learners.

The Role of the Librarian
Librarians are deeply involved in addressing the issues associated with developing information literacy programs and national and regional efforts to improve program quality.

Information Literacy Enhancements

 In-class library instruction has traditionally been at the core of the UTEP Library's Instruction and Information Literacy Services.  These “one-shot” classes are delivered by faculty librarians’ in-person or using video conferencing tools for online classes. Teaching faculty initiate these classes with the goal of meeting the course-level learning competencies.

Librarians can be involved in your course in many ways, including offering live instruction services and research assistance within your Blackboard course, or creating customized content for your class to use as needed.

  • Example of embedded librarianship
    • Course: NURS 5370- Research Appraisal and Application
    • Faculty:
    • Librarians: Harvey Castellano and Angela Lucero
      • Librarians' role in course:

To request that a librarian be embedded in your Blackboard course, contact the UTEP Library's Information Literacy team at

Research Guides can be created to serve a number of purposes, but are commonly used to provide suggested resources for class themes, particular assignments, or links to class readings.




To request a tailored Research Guide, contact Harvey Castellano, at, or at 915-747-6734.

We find that the best way for students to become proficient at something is for them to practice it.

UTEP's Instruction Librarians have created several general exercises for students to complete to help them sharpen their information literacy skills. Please find a full listing of them here.

Additionally, if you would like an exercise made that targets a specific skill, resource, or assignment, request a tailor-made information literacy exercise for your students. They can be used as supplements or as graded assignments, as you see fit.


To request a tailor-made information literacy exercise, contact Harvey Castellano, at, or at 915-747-6734.


"My students visit the library three times throughout the semester. They have three papers for their Research Project and they have to use academic databases.  They first learn how to use the website in order to access the databases. They have to find several articles in order to complete the research paper. My librarian created library assignments that guide them with this project. They are able to write down their sources, analyze them and cite them. This facilitates their completion of their Research Project. Every time they go they feel more comfortable and familiarized the library’s services."

--Cinthia Jimenez, Program Advisor/Lecturer

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