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WS 2360 -- Fertman: Gender, Sexuality, & Identity


Women's Studies WS2360: Gender, Sexuality, & Identity is designed to introduce and inform students about complex ideas and issues that are related to the construction of sexuality and gender. This course will view sexuality and gender from a historical, biological, and sociocultural perspective to aid students in their understanding of the fluid nature of identity development. Students will learn about topics such as historical perspectives of alternative genders, the biological development of intersexuality, the development of transgender identities, and the current issues that impact the community today.

This Research Guide has links to the articles you will be reading during the semester, as well as resources to help you with your research. To view the readings select "Course Readings" on the left. 

If you run into problems with your research or have problems accessing any of the reading material, feel free to contact me for help.

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