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UNIV 1301 - Duarte

How To Do The Workshop + Activity


Our 1st Library Session, Step by Step

 Review the links below for an introduction to our first Library session!

  Download the file below. You will need it to complete your assignment as you move through the videos.


 Watch the videos below for an explanation of the assignment and to answer Question #1!

 Watch the video and answer Question #2.

 Watch this video and answer Question #3.

undefined You did it! Now you just have to turn it in. 

  1. Save the Word doc to your device by going to File > Save As > Keep the same name and save it to the Desktop (or wherever you prefer).
  2. Sign into your with your UTEP credentials.
  3. Open Blackboard.
  4. Go to your UNIV 1301 course.
  5. Locate where your professor has the option to upload this assignment.
  6. Upload the assignment.
  7. Done!

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