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Streaming Video Guide by Gabbie Trevizo

This Library Guide provides basic information on streaming video resources available at UTEP through the UTEP Library.

How It Works

How Swank Digital Works:

Swank Digital movies are streamed to your students through a dedicated movie server using Microsoft Silverlight software.

Silverlight is available through a free download and is compatible with both Macs and PCs.

Please visit the following page to get Microsoft Silverlight:

At this time, Swank Digital titles will not play on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad or other comparable technology.


Swank Digital Campus: How-to

Digital Campus by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.® allows you, as faculty members, the ability to legally stream major motion pictures and television shows within your Blackboard courses. Individual film titles are licensed through UTEP for digital streaming on a "per semester" basis.  

Search SWANK titles here.

This resource is for current UTEP faculty, Instructional Support Services (ISS) staff, and selected Library staff ONLY via UN/PW (restricted). Contact the UTEP Library Electronic Resources Team to request titles or submit your request online. 

 NOTE (UTEP Faculty):  Once the availability of the requested titles have been confirmed and the order placed, you are provided the proxy-coded URL for adding into Blackboard Learn.  For details on adding streaming video content to Blackboard, see the attached document. 


Interactive Platform for Teaching

Interactive Platform features include:

  • Embed questions, notes and discussion points into the streaming video platform
  • Highlight a specific scene with the time-stamping tool
  • Share lesson plans with other faculty members
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Students can respond to faculty members’ points or questions

Interactive Platform benefits include:

  • More interactive and engaging experience for students than passive viewing
  • Faculty can create a discussion on a film without taking away valuable class time
  • Promotes on-line collaboration and discussion with distance learning programs

Subject Guide

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