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Find Background Information

Use background information sources to find out about the basics of a topic, like names, dates, and facts

Examples of background information sources:

  • encyclopedias
  • dictionaries
  • handbooks
  • wikipedia

The easiest way to find a source that gives background information is to search using these steps:

1.Search for your topic using the library's search (if it's a big topic, try searching for the largest, most general ideas for the best results)

2. Look for a "Research Starter" at the top of the results list-- if there is one for your topic, it will be an encyclopedia entry (note that not all topics will have a "Research Starter"-- if that happens to you, see the next tab, "Suggested specialty sources")

3. Click the title of the "Research Starter" to view its contents, and use the "Cite" tool on the right side of the screen to create a reference to use in your work.

MinerQuest (Library Catalog)

Your main Library search from the Library home page for books, e-books, online articles, & more.

To begin a search with MinerQuest, you can type you search terms into the box on the Library's home page.


Search Results List

Your search will take you to a results page which you can limit and sort as you need.

Advanced Search

You can refine and limit your search on the Advanced Search page.

Resource Record

When you click on a search result, it will take you to the page for the resource.  This page will tell you where to find the resource as well as with what subjects (search terms) it has been tagged.

Subject terms

Online Dictionaries


Hathi Trust


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