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Find Articles & E-Books

MinerQuest is the easiest way to search as many of the UTEP Library's databases + its catalog at once. Results will include articles of all types, books, e-books, government documents, streaming videos, and encyclopedia articles. A good all-purpose search tool.

Once you run your basic search, you'll see a list of results with some filters you can use to the left hand side of the page.

The filters that are available help you sort through the results! If you want only want print books, scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, or even videos, there's a filter for that!

The checkbox for Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals that helps you only look at scholarly, peer reviewed articles.

There's also a Publication Date filter that allows you to look for information between specific years. Remember, if you're in the sciences, it changes everyday and we hear from professors that they only want information from the last five (5) years. Always check with your professor on how old your information should be.

The Filter by Source Type is helpful when you only want to look at specific types of resources, such as books, ebooks, videos, magazines, and more!

Advanced Searching is the best way to narrow your search results to see exactly what you want. When searching for articles, it's important to be as specific as you can to see all relevant research. Look at the examples below for advanced searching tips!

Google Scholar is the best place to find a specific article when you do not know what database the article is available in! You can copy+paste an entire citation into Google Scholar and as long as you are connected to the GlobalProtect VPN, Google Scholar will show you if you access through the UTEP Library or if a free copy exists on the web. 

Practice below:

Logan, T. K., Walker, R., & Hunt, G. (2009). Understanding Human Trafficking in the United States. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse, 10(1), 3–30.

When you practice, the only search result that comes up should be the exact paper. Verify the authors and date to make sure you have the correct resource:


Type the name of the journal in the box and it will take you to this page:

You can access the specific journal by clicking on the database's name at the end of each date range 


Find E-Books

Books tend to be about really broad subjects, so you can start your search using a simple keyword.

Use the filters on the right hand side of the page to change publication dates and click on the Show More link under the Filter by Source Type filter to filter to E-Books.

Click on Update to see all eBooks.

This is what an eBook looks like in MinerQuest. You know it's an eBook because the icon says it and so does the location of the book.


We recommend reading all ebooks online by saving or bookmarking the permalink. Look at the last tab for tips!


You can access eBooks from the results page by clicking on the link that says To access this resource and may be something a little differennt, such as the example below:

If you click on a title, the link is a little harder to find: 

We recommend reading all of our books online, as downloading makes you download software before you can download the book to the software. You will also still have to be online to read your "downloaded" book... Our suggestion? Email or bookmark the permalink!

What is a permalink? It's a permanent or persistent or stable link that will always bring you back to that specific page.

Find the permalink on MinerQuest on the right hand side of the page:

When you click on Permalink, the page will refresh and a Permalink box will appear towards the top of the page:

Copy+paste the URL into a browser and bookmark it or email this link to yourself. 

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