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DRSC 4301: Scientific Inquiry

Psychology Related Databases

Search multiple databases in the EBSCO family at once by clicking "Choose Databases" (see animation for steps)

  • Recommended EBSCO databases for Health Science:
    • SPORTDiscus
    • Biological Abstracts
    • CINAHL
    • Ergonomics Abstracts

Empirical Article Study Types: 

Clinical Study

Journal Article

Randomized Controlled Trial

Review Article Types:



Systematic Reviews

If your professor wants you to find articles from a  specific journal, go to the Journal Titles tab on the library homepage, and type in the name of the journal. 

If the UTEP Library subscribes to this journal electronically, then a link to a database will be provided. It is very likely that we will have the journal available in several databases with different coverage dates, so please select the coverage that best suits your needs. 



Google Scholar indexes millions of scholarly articles but it is next to impossible to narrow and sift through results like you would in a database.

Google Scholar is, however, perfect for when you have the name or citation of an article that you really need. 

Step 1

  • Plug in the article citation, title, or keywords to Google Scholar.

Step 2

  • If Google Scholar has a free copy to this article, there will be a HTML or PDF link that will take you to the database where the full text of the article is available. 

Step 3

  • If we don't have the article you're looking for, you can request it through our InterLibrary Loan service (Please see the ILL box on the left). Online requests typically take 1-2 days or less!

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