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The Americas: What kind of article is it?

Scholarly or Popular Article?


Instructions: Find and open the two articles below in a new tab. Next, use the questions below to compare and contrast these two types of articles:

  • What can you tell about the author?
  • What kind of document does this article come from?
  • What do you consider to be the purpose of the article?
  • Who would be the target audience reading this article?
  • How long would it take you to read each of these articles? Why?
  • Find the citations.
  • Describe the anatomy of each type of article.
  1. Kluger, J., & Worland, J. (2017). How a War on Science Could Hurt the U.S.-and Its Citizens. Time, 189(5), 17-19.  
  2. García J, Rodriguez-Sánchez R, Fdez-Valdivia J. Authors and reviewers who suffer from confirmatory bias. Scientometrics [serial online]. November 2016;109(2):1377-1395. Available from: Information Science & Technology Abstracts (ISTA), Ipswich, MA. Accessed February 7, 2017.



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