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The Americas: Warm-up Exercise

Warm-up Exercise

a. Instructions: Use the UTEP Library Catalog to find this article.

APA-style citation:

Owens, B. (2016). Trump's border-wall pledge threatens delicate desert ecosystems. Nature, (7616), doi:10.1038/536260a

MLA-style citation:

Owens, Brian. "Trump's Border-Wall Pledge Threatens Delicate Desert Ecosystems." Nature 7616 (2016): InfoTrac Health Reference Center Academic. Web. 25 Jan. 2017.

Suggested Database:

Nature Journals Online

b. Instructions: Use the UTEP Library Catalog to find this book. What floor could it be found on? What is one subject term? What effect does clicking on this subject term have? (And: Why would you want to use this method?)

APA-style citation:

Vila, P. (2005). Border identifications : narratives of religion, gender, and class on the U.S.-Mexico border. Austin : University of Texas Press, c2005.

MLA-style citation:

Vila, Pablo. Border Identifications : Narratives Of Religion, Gender, And Class On The U.S.-Mexico Border. n.p.: Austin : University of Texas Press, c2005., 2005. Nugget. Web. 25 Jan. 2017.

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