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The Americas: More Warm-up Exercises

Warm-up Exercise

Warm-up Exercise

Instructions: Use the UTEP Library Catalog to find this article by its citation:

Rohloff, A. C. (1966). Quantitative Analyses of the Effectiveness of TV Commercials. Journal of Marketing Research, (3). 239.

Suggested databases:


After the class shares their search strategies, how many ways can you think of to find this article by its citation? Stuck? Ask a partner. Please take a moment to list these (mentally or on paper).

Warm-up Exercise

Warm-up Exercise, Review:

Instructions: Now that you know how to find an article by its citation, find the article below. Use the search strategies discussed in class. 


Thanks to Zika, now we know Latin America has the toughest abortion policies in the world. (2016, February 26). Public Radio International the world. Retrieved from:

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