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The Americas: Hemeroteca Digital de Chihuahua (INPRO)

Hemeroteca Digital de Chihuahua (INPRO)

Covers: Newspaper & magazine articles from the state of Chihuahua. Includes a selection of articles from other Mexican states and also El Paso.

Coverage Years: 1976- The Present.


Clicking on Entrar (Enter) should provide access to this website, if you're logged into your UTEP account (for example, when you're on campus and are using a UTEP computer).

If not, (for example, when you're not on campus) use your UTEP username & password to login to INPRO. Click Entrar (Enter).

You will get a “Welcome, UTEP user!” message. Click on Inicio (Start).

Click on Salir (Exit) if you want to logout.


Simple Search

Use the search box on the upper right for a quick keyword search. Click on Buscar (Search) for results.

Advanced Search

There are two ways to pull up the advanced search page.

1. Select Hemeroteca (Newspaper/Periodical archive). From the dropdown list, select búsqueda (Search).


2. Click on the icon of the figure reading.

Advanced Search Features

Searching by Periodical Title

In the first search box, select llave (key). In the second search box, select Igual (equals); you can also select Diferente (different from). In the Third box, select the title of the periodical.

Results Page Features


Save a Keyword Search to a Folder.

1. Activate the checkbox.

2. Click on Guardar (Save) icon.

3. Type a name for your folder. Next, select Aceptar (Accept) to apply changes, or Cancelar (Cancel) to close window.

4. You will get a confirmation message. Click Cerrar (Close).

5. Now you can click on Búsquedas (Searches) to see your saved article/folder.

Note: You can also retrieve your keyword searches by clicking on the Hemeroteca tab and selecting Búsquedas Guardadas (Saved Searches).


Save an Article to a Folder.

1. Select the folder icon from the left hand side.

2. Name your folder. Click on Aceptar Type a name for your folder. Next, select Aceptar (Accept) to apply changes, or Cancelar (Cancel) to close window.

3. Now you can view your article by selecting your folder from the Portafolio dropdown box on the upper right.

Also, now you can add more articles to this folder by selecting the folder when reading an article and clicking Agregar (Add).

4. Retrieve your portfolio & articles by going to the Hemeroteca tab, and selecting Portafolios.

Icon Features in Article Page.


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