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UTEP Library Emergency Procedures

possible library emergency situations

First Aid and Severe Medical Problems

A.  First Aid

          1.  If possible, get assistance from someone in your area who has taken a first aid training course. If you do not know how

               to administer first aid, you may do more harm than good.

          2.  An injured person should not be moved except by trained rescue/medical personnel unless the victim is in danger of 

              further physical injury or death by remaining in his/her original location.

B. Unconscious Person

          1.  Never presume that death has occurred. Call University Police (5611).

          2.  Look for MEDIC ALERT tag with standard physician's symbol. This tag may be located around the arm, the neck, or

               in a wallet. The presence of this tag indicates special medical problems.

C.  Call University Police (5611) or 911.


            1. The nature of the problem. If it is a suspected heart problem, say so.

            2. The exact location: (floor, room, or area).

            3. Your name.

            4. Do not hang up until released by the person receiving the call.

            5. Have someone meet the police at the door.


(Revised 2/19/2020)    


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