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COMM 3313: Newsgathering and Investigation: Evaluation Exercise

Your library and research guide to COMM 3313: Newsgathering and Investigation.

Paired Practice- Evaluating Selected Online Resources

Website Analysis

Directions: Work with a partner. Select two websites from the resources below and use the checklist below to analyze both websites. Discuss your answers before making a final verdict.


Reliable vs Unreliable Checklist



Website 1

Website 1

What is the site’s domain? (.org/.edu/.com/.net, etc.)

Point of view or bias- What is the author’s purpose? (to inform, persuade or entertain?)/Is the information objective and impartial-and why?

Use of irony or satire to parody or mock something or someone.

Nonsense words.

Site is almost official, but something if off.

Pictures don’t look quite real.

Pictures seem to be altered or “Photoshopped”

Who produces the website? Is it a credible source (University, organization) or is it someone with an agenda or bias?

Reliability- What are the author’s credentials for writing and publishing this work?

Accuracy- When judged against your previous reading and your understanding of the subject, is the information correct?

Authority- Who is the author(s) of the work? What are the author's credentials?

Timeliness- When was the work published?

Audience:  Who is the author writing for? What is the age/grade level? Is the audience focus appropriate for a research paper?


Reliable or unreliable?

Reliable or unreliable?

Independent Practice- Article Evaluation Exercise

Instructions: Use an evaluation method to determine which of these articles below is not the fake. Why do you think so?

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