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COMM 3313: Newsgathering and Investigation: Find Books

Your library and research guide to COMM 3313: Newsgathering and Investigation.

Finding Books in the Library

You can search the Library Catalog by entering your topic into the search box.  You may also search by:

Keyword    Title    Author  
Advanced Search

  1. If you find a book you would like to see, write down the Title of the book, the Location, and the Call Number.
  2. When you are ready to check the book out, take the book to Access Services and show them your student ID. The student ID is your library card.
  3. If the book is for library use only, it cannot be checked out.


Persuasion and Public Speaking

Compiling your Resources

How to search for books using the library's online catalog.

Easy Entry into Topic

How much do you know about your topic?  When beginning your research, it's a good practice to consult books that provide a general overview on your subject.  Some examples of this type of resource are the following.

E-book Provider Characteristics Chart

E-book Provider Characteristics Chart

Please note: List is not comprehensive: does not include all possible e-book providers.


E-book Provider:

E-book Provider:

E-book Provider:

Other E-book Providers:

Ebook Library (EBL)



Can I download book and/or chapters?

Yes. To save a chapter, click Print. This subtracts from the page printing allowance that it gives you.




What program do I need to download this?

Adobe Digital Editions is required

Desktop: Adobe® Digital Editions 1.7.1 or higher is required for offline viewing.

Apple® and Android™: The EBSCO eBooks app is available on the App Store® or Google Play™

Kindle: PDFs can be created in the eBook Full Text view and transferred using Send To Kindle

Not applicable.

Web browser to view online. PDF reader/viewer to download & view.

Can I read this e-book online?

Yes (in the web browser you’re using)

Yes (choose PDF option)

Yes (in the web browser you’re using)

Yes (in the web browser you’re using)

Access issues?

No, (other than your UTEP username/password).

Yes, besides your UTEP username/password, you will need to set up a free user account with EBSCO.

No, (other than your UTEP username/password).

No, (other than your UTEP username/password).

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