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RWS 3355- Maier

Tips to help complete research for Maier's RWS 3355 assignment, the Informative Memo

The Search Terms You Need

Use these words to find what you need

Notable Online Resources

Hofstede's Country Comparison Tool

Places to Search

Search here for news and trade magazine articles

Recommended search:

Also try:

Use UTEP Library Resources Anywhere Off-Campus

Off-Campus Access

>>>If you're not on-campus, but need to use the UTEP Library's online resources,

you must verify that you are a UTEP affiliate.<<<

use library resources anywhere

2 Options:

1. Connect to GlobalProtect VPN (recommended!) (the best!) (essential!)

2. Connect to UTEP Library's Proxy Server

  • follow the prompt to sign in using your UTEP username and password before accessing a database or e-book
  • sessions expire quickly
  • you will be prompted to authenticate (log in) every time you access a protected resource (i.e., databases)
  • doesn't get you into all databases (some require IP authentication via VPN)
  • in short: sign in when prompted


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